“We strive to earn our customer’s trust and business every day of the year. We are an easy company to work with because we listen to our customers and provide the very best advice and service possible. Every day we earn the right to come back tomorrow.”

W.W. “Doc” Wing III - Founder, XID, LTD.
“XID has been essential to the migration projects at Hertz. They bring professional leadership, backed by superior technical and analytical skills, to our team. XID does an excellent job of listening to the issues and thinking outside the box for solutions for our project.”

Dave Logan - Director Field Systems, the Hertz Corporation
“It is rare today to find a company that we can be confident in and rely on for the myriad of requests we have put in front of you. It speaks volumes to you and your staff’s dedication to your customers needs.”

E.R. “Rod” Stallings - Director, Computer & Network Services - Southwest Airlines Co.
“XID is a trusted and critical partner to Crossroads Systems.”

Dale Quisenberry - Founder, Crossroads Systems
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